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Start Up Loans

If You Are Thinking About Buying Or Starting A New Business And You Have A Great Business Plan, With The Necessary Experience, Then Speak To Us.


There are many ways to fund a new business, and whether you borrow money, use personal savings, look for equity investors or go another route, you need to understand all your options before you choose. Borrowing may be the simplest way to fund your business, but many lenders, especially traditional banks will struggle without the proper structure in place.

Lenders base their lending decisions on the risk that they will not be paid back. Your startup has no trading history so they have no evidence that they will be repaid; they see the risk as too high for lending. Some may be prepared to consider any previous experience you or your partners have in the sector, others might be persuaded by your business background and how professional your approach may be. You need to make the most of these factors to get lenders to agree to provide the funding you need.

As with many forms of commercial finance, it may be necessary for you to provide a Personal Guarantee which provides assurance to the lender that the mortgage will be repaid by you personally in the event that your business cannot. This is not unusual but protection of your assets through Personal Guarantee Insurance can provide reassurance for you and your family.

We professionally package your proposal to fit all lenders criteria.


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