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Equipment Leasing

We Can Provide You With A Fast, Competitive Quote To Lease Any Capital Equipment Necessary For The Running Of Your Business. This Includes Plant, Vehicles, Production Equipment, IT And Telecoms Systems And Even Smaller Items Down To £2K In Capital Value.


Leasing is a tax and cash efficient way of financing equipment for your business, it keeps the asset ‘off balance sheet’ and has some key benefits:

  1. Flexibility
    • It provides you with immediate use of the asset without paying for it all at once.
  2. Freedom
    • It frees up working capital and bank loan / overdraft facilities for business growth.
  3. Structured
    • The Lease contract is structured for the length of time you require use of the asset.
  1. Capital
    • Sale & Leaseback allows you to release capital in assets you already own.
  2. Multiple Solutions
    • We can provide a solution irrespective of credit history or previous problems.
  3. Efficiency
    • It offers the most tax efficient structure for your business.

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