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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages Can Let You Buy Premises Or Raise A High Level Of Funding. We Know All The Commercial Mortgage Providers In The UK – We Can Help You Find The Most Competitive Commercial Mortgage Deal, However You Want To Use The Funds.


If you are considering the purchase of a Commercial Property for your own business needs, via a SIPP, as a longer term investment, or perhaps you wish to purchase a trading business or re-mortgage an existing property, then speak to the experts in our team.

We can provide ready access to all major Commercial Mortgage Lenders who are actively looking to offer Commercial Mortgages at competitive rates. We can provide both capital and interest repayment schemes or ‘easy start’ interest only options.

A Commercial Mortgage also lets you raise large-scale funding.  By raising a new Commercial Mortgage on your existing property, you can receive a cash lump sum to use for other investment or purchasing needs, you will make monthly repayments until the loan is paid off. So, if you already own premises, such as an office, factory or other commercial facility, you can use it to raise money, providing a cost-effective way to invest in your business, buy another or deal with a temporary cash flow issue.

How much can you borrow?

Because of legal and administrative costs, it is usually uneconomic to borrow less than £50,000 with a Commercial Mortgage, some lenders may have a minimum of £75,000 or more, but there is no set upper limit.

Commercial business premises such as offices, shops and warehouses may get loan-to-values of up to 80%. Getting professional help with arranging a Commercial Mortgage can help you make substantial savings.

In order to assess your best Commercial Mortgage option, we will need to understand more about your business and for you to confirm your ability to repay the mortgage from your business profits or other sources of income. As with many forms of commercial finance, it may be necessary for you to provide a Personal Guarantee which provides assurance to the lender that the mortgage will be repaid by you personally in the event that your business cannot. This is not unusual but protection of your assets through Personal Guarantee Insurance can provide reassurance for you and your family.

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