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Business Cash Advance

One of our simplest and quickest forms of business finance. A business cash advance uses future credit and debit card sales to raise business funds.


If your business takes card payments, then you are probably eligible for one of the simplest forms of business finance – a business cash advance. Also known as a merchant cash advance, a business cash advance provides short term, unsecured cash that is loaned against future credit/debit card sales.

A variety of businesses use this service such as salons & hairdressers, garages & MOT centres, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and various small retailers.

Up to 90% of applications are accepted and once approved, funds can be received within  48 hours.

Repayment is simply taken as a small percentage, as and when you receive card transactions. This flexible payment approach mirrors the natural monthly variation of your business cash flow. When your sales are lower, your repayments are smaller and when your sales increase, your repayments increase. The more card payments you have the quicker the loan is repaid.

A business cash advance is a practical alternative to other forms of finance for some small businesses as it does not rely on a business plan or security*. There are no hidden charges or APR. You will simply agree one upfront cost, and repayments will then be made as a percentage of your card transactions.

*Minimum monthly card turnover of £5000

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